About US

Finding quality resources about something on the internet is getting harder day by day. There are millions of people who practiced Islam as a religion and have to perform their religious duty of performing prayer. For this, they have to know the accurate time of each prayer.

Prayertimesweb is committed to providing the most accurate salah and Ramadan timings to Muslims. We have been working hard to provide up-to-date timings for all prayers.

Prayertimesweb provides the timings for different locations all over the world. In addition, we also provide sehar and iftar timings during Ramadan. Furthermore, we also provide the salah timings of eid-ul-Adha and eid-ul-Fitr.

Our Mission

As prayer is the key element in Islam and every Muslim has to offer it five times a day. Our mission is to provide the most accurate salat times to you without any delay for your convenience. For this, our team works tirelessly.

Our Team