Cairo Prayer Times

Prayer is an obligatory duty of every Muslim regardless of gender, color, tribe, and cast. All prayers are to be offered at their specific times. Today’s prayer times in Cairo are Fajr prayer at 4:11 AM, Sunrise time is 5:54 AM, Dhuhr prayer at 12:53 PM, Asr prayer at 4:29 PM, Iftar time is 7:50 PM, Maghrib prayer at 7:51 PM, and Isha prayer at 9:23 PM.

Salah Times, Jun 02, 2023


4:11 AM


5:54 AM


12:53 PM


4:29 PM


7:51 PM


9:23 PM

Monthly Prayer Timetable

Jun 0104:11 AM05:54 AM12:53 PM04:29 PM07:51 PM09:23 PM
Jun 0204:11 AM05:54 AM12:53 PM04:29 PM07:51 PM09:23 PM
Jun 0304:10 AM05:54 AM12:53 PM04:29 PM07:52 PM09:24 PM
Jun 0404:10 AM05:54 AM12:53 PM04:29 PM07:53 PM09:25 PM
Jun 0504:09 AM05:54 AM12:54 PM04:29 PM07:53 PM09:26 PM
Jun 0604:09 AM05:54 AM12:54 PM04:29 PM07:54 PM09:26 PM
Jun 0704:09 AM05:53 AM12:54 PM04:29 PM07:54 PM09:27 PM
Jun 0804:08 AM05:53 AM12:54 PM04:29 PM07:55 PM09:28 PM
Jun 0904:08 AM05:53 AM12:54 PM04:30 PM07:55 PM09:28 PM
Jun 1004:08 AM05:53 AM12:54 PM04:30 PM07:56 PM09:29 PM
Jun 1104:08 AM05:53 AM12:55 PM04:30 PM07:56 PM09:29 PM
Jun 1204:08 AM05:53 AM12:55 PM04:30 PM07:57 PM09:30 PM
Jun 1304:08 AM05:53 AM12:55 PM04:30 PM07:57 PM09:30 PM
Jun 1404:08 AM05:53 AM12:55 PM04:30 PM07:57 PM09:31 PM
Jun 1504:08 AM05:53 AM12:55 PM04:31 PM07:58 PM09:31 PM
Jun 1604:08 AM05:54 AM12:56 PM04:31 PM07:58 PM09:31 PM
Jun 1704:08 AM05:54 AM12:56 PM04:31 PM07:58 PM09:32 PM
Jun 1804:08 AM05:54 AM12:56 PM04:31 PM07:59 PM09:32 PM
Jun 1904:08 AM05:54 AM12:56 PM04:31 PM07:59 PM09:32 PM
Jun 2004:08 AM05:54 AM12:57 PM04:32 PM07:59 PM09:33 PM
Jun 2104:08 AM05:54 AM12:57 PM04:32 PM07:59 PM09:33 PM
Jun 2204:08 AM05:55 AM12:57 PM04:32 PM07:59 PM09:33 PM
Jun 2304:09 AM05:55 AM12:57 PM04:32 PM08:00 PM09:33 PM
Jun 2404:09 AM05:55 AM12:57 PM04:32 PM08:00 PM09:33 PM
Jun 2504:09 AM05:55 AM12:58 PM04:33 PM08:00 PM09:33 PM
Jun 2604:10 AM05:56 AM12:58 PM04:33 PM08:00 PM09:34 PM
Jun 2704:10 AM05:56 AM12:58 PM04:33 PM08:00 PM09:34 PM
Jun 2804:10 AM05:56 AM12:58 PM04:33 PM08:00 PM09:34 PM
Jun 2904:11 AM05:57 AM12:58 PM04:34 PM08:00 PM09:34 PM
Jun 3004:11 AM05:57 AM12:59 PM04:34 PM08:00 PM09:34 PM
Note: These are the beginning timings

Prayer Times Cairo

Islamic prayer (namaz) times in Cairo for 2nd Jun 2023 or Islamic date Dhul-Qadah 12, 1444 AH are Fajr at 4:11 AM, Dhuhr at 12:53 PM, Asr at 4:29 PM, Maghrib at 7:51 PM, and Isha salah at 9:23 PM. Moreover, you will find a clash between Hanafi and Shia prayer times due to their difference in the beliefs of the sect. This can cause confusion among people who are living in close proximity. In this regard, a monthly schedule of salah times in Cairo is provided.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and is the most populated city. It has rich Islamic and cultural history and is also famous for its mysterious pyramids, an attractive tourist place. As most of its residents are Muslims so they follow the five-prayer schedule as announced in Islam.

List Of Mosques

Here is a list of some historic and famous mosques in Cairo:

  • Lulua Mosque
  • Al-Azhar Mosque
  • Al-Hakim Mosque
  • Al-Hussein Mosque
  • Mosque Of Ibn Tulun
  • Mosque Of Amr Ibn Al-As
Facts About Cairo
Population21.9 million
Qibla138° SE
Elevation22 m
Lat/Long30°03’N / 31°14’E
CurrencyEgyption Pound

Today’s Salah Timings

  • Fajr prayer time Cairo: 4:11 AM
  • Zuhr prayer time Cairo: 12:53 PM
  • Asr prayer time Cairo: 4:29 PM
  • Maghrib prayer time Cairo: 7:51 PM
  • Isha prayer time Cairo: 9:23 PM

Cairo prayer time schedule publishes by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of Egypt. This ministry exists in every country and has the responsibility to manage all Islamic affairs. Saudi Arabia has also an office of this ministry in Riyadh. Therefore, the salat times of Riyadh and all other cities of Saudi Arabia are published by this ministry.

Calculation Method

In Islam, salah timings are determined by the position of the sun. Therefore, prayer times in different regions of Egypt are different. Moreover, salah timings in Cairo are updated regularly on this page according to the local calculation method. Therefore, a comprehensive calendar for all five daily prayers is provided on this page.

Nawafil Times

Apart from obligatory prayers, Muslims also perform nawafils. These are not mandatory prayers, but still performed by the believers to get closer to Allah SWT. In accordance with this, nawafil times in Cairo are:

  • Tahajjud: 10:18 PM to 4:09 AM
  • Ishraq: 6:11 AM to 9:24 AM
  • Chasht: 9:24 AM to 12:12 PM
  • Zawal: 11:22 AM to 11:52 AM

Azan Time Cairo

Azan is a sacred call to prayer and acts as an invitation to summon people to the masjid for the purpose of congregational prayer. It is recited by the muezzin fifteen minutes before the commencement of Jamaat (Iqamah). Furthermore, Cairo Azan timings for every prayer are discussed in the related prayer section.


Fajr is the initial mandatory prayer in Islam, performed before sunrise. Today’s fajr time in Cairo is 4:11 AM and remains till sunrise. Moreover, Fajr salah consists of 4 Rakats, including 2 Sunnah and 2 Farz.


Dhuhr is the second obligatory prayer, performed at noon. Today’s Zuhr salah time in Cairo is 12:53 PM. Moreover, there is about 15 minutes time difference between Zuhr Azan and Jamat time.


Asr is the third mandatory prayer, performed before sunset. Today’s Asr namaz time in Cairo is 4:29 PM and remains till sunset. Moreover, Asr salah consists of 8 Rakats, including 4 Sunnah and 4 Farz.


Maghrib is the fourth obligatory prayer which is offered just after sunset. Today’s Maghrib time in Cairo is 7:51 PM. Moreover, Maghrib salah consists of 7 Rakats, including 3 Farz, 2 Sunnah, and 2 nawafils.


In Islam, it is obligatory to offer the isha prayer before going to bed. Today’s Isha time in Cairo is 9:23 PM and remains till the Fajr Azan. Moreover, Isha salah consists of 17 Rakats, including 4 Farz.

Jummah Salah Time

In Islam, Jumma is an obligatory prayer that Muslims perform every week on Friday instead of the Dhuhr prayer. Jummah time in Cairo for this week is 12:52 PM.


All Muslims offer 5 prayers in a day regardless of area or country.

The time for iftar starts at sunset.

When the sun rises, the time for the Fajr prayer ends.