Karachi Ramadan Timings

The month of Ramadan has significant importance in the Islamic faith. All Muslims around the world honor it with fasting, prayer, and spiritual reflection. In accordance with this, the Sehri and Iftar timings in Karachi for today Ramadan 30, 1444, are given according to the local time calculation method.

Today’s Sehri And Iftar Time In Karachi




Apr 21

4:44 AM

6:58 PM

Karachi Ramadan Calendar 2023

DateDaySeharIftarFasting Hours
Mar 230105:16 AM6:45 PM13 Hours 29 Minutes
Mar 240205:15 AM6:46 PM13 Hours 31 Minutes
Mar 250305:14 AM6:46 PM13 Hours 32 Minutes
Mar 260405:13 AM6:46 PM13 Hours 33 Minutes
Mar 270505:12 AM6:47 PM13 Hours 35 Minutes
Mar 280605:11 AM6:47 PM13 Hours 36 Minutes
Mar 290705:10 AM6:48 PM13 Hours 38 Minutes
Mar 300805:09 AM6:48 PM13 Hours 39 Minutes
Mar 310905:07 AM6:48 PM13 Hours 41 Minutes
Apr 011005:06 AM6:49 PM13 Hours 43 Minutes
Apr 021105:05 AM6:49 PM13 Hours 44 Minutes
Apr 031205:04 AM6:50 PM13 Hours 46 Minutes
Apr 041305:03 AM6:50 PM13 Hours 47 Minutes
Apr 051405:02 AM6:51 PM13 Hours 49 Minutes
Apr 061505:01 AM6:51 PM13 Hours 50 Minutes
Apr 071605:00 AM6:51 PM13 Hours 51 Minutes
Apr 081704:58 AM6:52 PM13 Hours 54 Minutes
Apr 091804:57 AM6:52 PM13 Hours 55 Minutes
Apr 101904:56 AM6:53 PM13 Hours 57 Minutes
Apr 112004:55 AM6:53 PM13 Hours 58 Minutes
Apr 122104:54 AM6:54 PM14 Hours 00 Minutes
Apr 132204:53 AM6:54 PM14 Hours 01 Minutes
Apr 142304:52 AM6:55 PM14 Hours 03 Minutes
Apr 152404:51 AM6:55 PM14 Hours 04 Minutes
Apr 162504:50 AM6:55 PM14 Hours 05 Minutes
Apr 172604:49 AM6:56 PM14 Hours 07 Minutes
Apr 182704:47 AM6:56 PM14 Hours 09 Minutes
Apr 192804:46 AM6:57 PM14 Hours 11 Minutes
Apr 202904:45 AM6:57 PM14 Hours 12 Minutes
Apr 213004:44 AM6:58 PM14 Hours 14 Minutes

Sehri And Iftari Timings In Karachi

The Ramadan timings in Karachi are calculated according to the motion of the moon, by the Ministry of Awqaf, Pakistan. The time for Sehri in Karachi is usually early in the morning, just before the Fajr Azan, and Iftar time is at sunset, with the Maghrib Azan. Furthermore, Ramadan timings in Karachi are kept on varying on daily bases according to the moon’s position.

The Ramadan calendar of the Hanafi and Shia sects is different due to their difference in beliefs and different calculation methods. In addition to this, the time for Sehri and Iftari for the Shia sect in Karachi has an interval of approximately 10 minutes from the Hanafi’s Ramadan timings.

Sehar-o-Iftar Time In Karachi

A detailed timetable for Karachi’s Sehro-Iftar times is provided on this page as per the local calculation method, but these timings can show variations in different regions of Karachi. Therefore, it is recommended to recheck these timings with your local mosque. Furthermore, on this website, you can also get prayer timings in Karachi, calculated according to Islamic prayer times.

Moreover, Ramadan is the holiest month in Islam. During this month, the people of Karachi try to spend more time in worship, reading the Quran, and in other religious obligations. These practices increase the Taqwa level of an individual believer and bring him closer to Allah SWT.

The end of Ramadan is marked by the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr. In Karachi, people engage in extensive preparations, including cleaning and decorating their homes, shopping for new clothes for themselves and their children, and preparing special Eid dishes. Apart from that, charity plays a significant role during this time as well, with the giving of “Zakat al-Fitr (Fitrana),” a form of obligatory charity before the Eid prayer.


Daily timings for Sehari and Iftari in Karachi are mentioned in the article.

Ramadan is expected to start on 23rd March 2023 and last till 22nd April 2023.

Sehri: 4:44 AM, Iftar: 6:58 PM