Prayer Times Birmingham

Prayer is an obligatory duty of every Muslim regardless of gender, color, tribe, and cast. All prayers are to be offered at their designated times. Today’s prayer times in Birmingham are Fajr prayer at 2:55 AM, Sunrise time is 4:47 AM, Zuhr prayer at 1:10 PM, Asr prayer at 5:27 PM, Iftar time is 9:24 PM, Maghrib prayer at 9:25 PM, and Isha prayer at 10:41 PM.

Prayer Times, Jun 01, 2023


2:55 AM


4:47 AM


1:10 PM


5:27 PM


9:25 PM


10:41 PM

Monthly Prayer Timetable

Jun 0102:53 AM04:47 AM01:10 AM05:27 PM09:25 PM10:41 PM
Jun 0202:51 AM04:46 AM01:11 AM05:27 PM09:26 PM10:43 PM
Jun 0302:50 AM04:45 AM01:11 AM05:28 PM09:28 PM10:45 PM
Jun 0402:48 AM04:44 AM01:11 AM05:28 PM09:29 PM10:46 PM
Jun 0502:48 AM04:44 AM01:11 AM05:29 PM09:30 PM10:48 PM
Jun 0602:46 AM04:43 AM01:11 AM05:29 PM09:31 PM10:49 PM
Jun 0702:45 AM04:42 AM01:12 AM05:30 PM09:32 PM10:50 PM
Jun 0802:44 AM04:42 AM01:12 AM05:30 PM09:32 PM10:50 PM
Jun 0902:43 AM04:41 AM01:12 AM05:30 PM09:33 PM10:52 PM
Jun 1002:42 AM04:41 AM01:12 AM05:31 PM09:34 PM10:53 PM
Jun 1102:42 AM04:41 AM01:12 AM05:31 PM09:35 PM10:55 PM
Jun 1202:40 AM04:40 AM01:12 AM05:32 PM09:36 PM10:56 PM
Jun 1302:39 AM04:40 AM01:13 AM05:32 PM09:36 PM10:57 PM
Jun 1402:39 AM04:40 AM01:13 AM05:32 PM09:37 PM10:58 PM
Jun 1502:39 AM04:40 AM01:13 AM05:33 PM09:37 PM10:58 PM
Jun 1602:39 AM04:40 AM01:13 AM05:33 PM09:38 PM10:58 PM
Jun 1702:39 AM04:40 AM01:14 AM05:33 PM09:38 PM10:58 PM
Jun 1802:39 AM04:40 AM01:14 AM05:33 PM09:39 PM10:58 PM
Jun 1902:39 AM04:40 AM01:14 AM05:34 PM09:39 PM10:58 PM
Jun 2002:40 AM04:40 AM01:14 AM05:34 PM09:40 PM10:59 PM
Jun 2102:40 AM04:40 AM01:14 AM05:34 PM09:40 PM10:58 PM
Jun 2202:40 AM04:41 AM01:15 AM05:34 PM09:40 PM10:57 PM
Jun 2302:42 AM04:41 AM01:15 AM05:35 PM09:40 PM10:57 PM
Jun 2402:42 AM04:41 AM01:15 AM05:35 PM09:40 PM10:56 PM
Jun 2502:42 AM04:41 AM01:15 AM05:35 PM09:40 PM10:56 PM
Jun 2602:44 AM04:42 AM01:15 AM05:35 PM09:40 PM10:56 PM
Jun 2702:44 AM04:42 AM01:16 AM05:35 PM09:40 PM10:55 PM
Jun 2802:46 AM04:43 AM01:16 AM05:35 PM09:40 PM10:55 PM
Jun 2902:46 AM04:43 AM01:16 AM05:35 PM09:40 PM10:54 PM
Jun 3002:46 AM04:43 AM01:16 AM05:35 PM09:40 PM10:54 PM
Note: These are the beginning timings

Today’s Prayer Time Birmingham

Islamic prayer (namaz) times in Birmingham for 1st Jun 2023 or Islamic date Dhul-Qadah 11, 1444 AH are Fajr at 2:55 AM, Zuhr at 1:10 PM, Asr at 5:27 PM, Maghrib at 9:25 PM, and Isha salah at 10:41 PM. Moreover, you will find a clash between Hanafi and Shia prayer times due to their difference in the beliefs of the sect. This can cause confusion among Hanafi and Shia people who are living in close proximity. In this regard, a monthly schedule of Birmingham prayer timings is provided.


In Birmingham, there exist numerous mosques and Islamic centers, which serve as holy places for Muslims to fulfill their religious duties. Here is a list of some well-renowned mosques in Birmingham where Muslims offer prayer at their designated time:

  • Central mosque of Birmingham
  • Coventry Road mosque
  • Zia-ul Quran mosque
  • Small Heath mosque
  • Green Lane mosque
  • City center mosque
  • Al Amanah mosque
  • Hamza mosque
  • Aston Mosque
  • Salafi Masjid
  • Masjid Ali
About Birmingham

Birmingham is located in the west midlands region of the United Kingdom. It is home to a large Muslim community as 28% of its population is Muslim. Along with this, it is a city where individuals can freely and comfortably practice their religious beliefs.

CountryEngland (UK)
Population7.6 million
Elevation149 m
Lat/Long52°29’N / 1°54’W

Central Mosque Prayer Times

  • Fajr: 2:44 AM
  • Dhuhr: 1:10 PM
  • Asr: 6:39 PM
  • Maghrib: 9:19 PM
  • Isha: 10:19 PM

The central mosque is situated in the verdant Green Lane district of Birmingham and stands as one of the largest and most beautiful places of worship for the Muslim community. In addition, prayer timings in other mosques like Green Lane mosque, Coventry Road mosque, Al Amanah mosque, Zia-ul Quran mosque, and Aston mosque are in alignment with those of the Central Mosque.

Prayer Times Birmingham Ghamkol Sharif

Ghamkol sharif mosque is one of the largest and most beautiful mosques in Birmingham, which draws thousands of devoted Muslims every day to offer their prayers. The mosque’s prayer timings are meticulously arranged to ensure that each and every worshipper can observe their religious obligations with utmost sincerity and devotion. Namaz times in ghamkol sharif are:

  • Fajr time Birmingham: 2:55 AM
  • Zuhr time Birmingham: 1:10 PM
  • Asr time Birmingham: 5:27 PM
  • Maghrib time Birmingham: 9:25 PM
  • Isha time Birmingham: 10:41 PM

Green Lane Mosque Prayer Times

A comprehensive prayer time schedule of green lane mosque is provided on this page as per the Muslim prayer times calculation method.

Furthermore, Today’s Tahajjud prayer time in Birmingham is 11:39 PM to 02:46 AM, and Iftar time is 9:24 PM just before the Maghrib prayer.

Azan Time In Birmingham

Azan is a holy call to prayer, that summons believers to gather at the mosque for congregational prayer. It is recited by the muezzin, approximately fifteen minutes prior to the designated prayer time. Moreover, the Birmingham Azan time schedule for every prayer is provided for the convenience of believers.

Fajr Prayer And Azan Time

Fajr namaz timings in Birmingham vary from day to day. Today’s Fajr time in Birmingham is 2:55 AM. Moreover, there is a noticeable gap of approximately 15 minutes between the Fajr Azan and the commencement of the prayer.

Zuhr Prayer And Azan Time

Today’s Zuhr salah time in Birmingham is 1:10 PM, subject to potential fluctuations from the corresponding timings of the preceding day. Moreover, there exists a 15-minute time difference between Dhuhr Azan and prayer time.

Asr Prayer And Azan Time

Asr prayer time in Birmingham for today is 5:27 PM. Moreover, there is a 15-minute time difference between Asr Azan and the actual namaz time. Alon with this, Asr prayer times of Birmingham for the whole month are given in the prayer timetable.

Maghrib Prayer And Azan Time

Maghrib is the fourth obligatory prayer which is performed just after sunset and is usually preceded by the Adhan. Today’s Maghrib time in Birmingham is 9:25 PM. Moreover, there is a slight time difference between Maghrib Azan and Jamat’s timings.

Isha Prayer And Azan Time

In Islam, it is obligatory to offer the isha prayer before going to bed. Today’s time for Isha in Birmingham commences at 10:41 PM. Moreover, there exists a 15-minute time difference between Isha Azan and the start of the prayer.

Jummah Time Birmingham

In Islam, adherents are obligated to perform the Jumma prayer, a weekly congregational prayer on Friday instead of the Dhuhr prayer. Jummah time in Birmingham for this week is 1:10 PM.


The Tahajjud time in Birmingham starts immediately after the Isha prayer and lasts till the Fajr Azan.

Prayer timings are decided according to the position of the sun.

There are five obligatory prayers in Islam, named Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha.