Prayer Times Karachi

Prayer is an oblique duty of every Muslim regardless of gender, color, tribe, and cast. All prayers are to be offered at their designated times. Today’s prayer times in Karachi are Fajr prayer at 4:15 AM, Sunrise time is 5:43 AM, Zuhr prayer at 12:30 PM, Asr prayer at 5:12 PM, Iftar time is 7:16 PM, Maghrib prayer at 7:17 PM, and Isha prayer at 8:45 PM.

Namaz Times, Jun 02, 2023


4:15 AM


5:43 AM


12:30 PM


5:12 PM


7:17 PM


8:45 PM

Karachi Namaz Timings

Jun 0104:15 AM05:43 AM12:30 PM05:12 PM07:17 PM08:45 PM
Jun 0204:15 AM05:43 AM12:30 PM05:12 PM07:17 PM08:45 PM
Jun 0304:14 AM05:42 AM12:30 PM05:12 PM07:18 PM08:46 PM
Jun 0404:14 AM05:42 AM12:30 PM05:12 PM07:18 PM08:46 PM
Jun 0504:14 AM05:42 AM12:30 PM05:13 PM07:19 PM08:47 PM
Jun 0604:14 AM05:42 AM12:31 PM05:13 PM07:19 PM08:48 PM
Jun 0704:14 AM05:42 AM12:31 PM05:13 PM07:05 PM08:48 PM
Jun 0804:14 AM05:42 AM12:31 PM05:13 PM07:05 PM08:49 PM
Jun 0904:13 AM05:42 AM12:31 PM05:13 PM07:06 PM08:49 PM
Jun 1004:13 AM05:42 AM12:31 PM05:14 PM07:06 PM08:50 PM
Jun 1104:13 AM05:42 AM12:32 PM05:14 PM07:06 PM08:50 PM
Jun 1204:13 AM05:42 AM12:32 PM05:14 PM07:07 PM08:50 PM
Jun 1304:13 AM05:42 AM12:32 PM05:14 PM07:07 PM08:51 PM
Jun 1404:13 AM05:42 AM12:32 PM05:15 PM07:07 PM08:51 PM
Jun 1504:13 AM05:42 AM12:32 PM05:15 PM07:08 PM08:52 PM
Jun 1604:13 AM05:42 AM12:33 PM05:15 PM07:08 PM08:52 PM
Jun 1704:13 AM05:43 AM12:33 PM05:15 PM07:08 PM08:52 PM
Jun 1804:14 AM05:43 AM12:33 PM05:16 PM07:09 PM08:53 PM
Jun 1904:14 AM05:43 AM12:33 PM05:16 PM07:09 PM08:53 PM
Jun 2004:14 AM05:43 AM12:33 PM05:16 PM07:09 PM08:53 PM
Jun 2104:14 AM05:43 AM12:34 PM05:16 PM07:09 PM08:53 PM
Jun 2204:14 AM05:43 AM12:34 PM05:16 PM07:09 PM08:54 PM
Jun 2304:15 AM05:44 AM12:34 PM05:17 PM07:10 PM08:54 PM
Jun 2404:15 AM05:44 AM12:34 PM05:17 PM07:10 PM08:54 PM
Jun 2504:15 AM05:44 AM12:35 PM05:17 PM07:10 PM08:54 PM
Jun 2604:15 AM05:44 AM12:35 PM05:17 PM07:10 PM08:54 PM
Jun 2704:16 AM05:45 AM12:35 PM05:17 PM07:10 PM08:54 PM
Jun 2804:16 AM05:45 AM12:35 PM05:18 PM07:10 PM08:54 PM
Jun 2904:16 AM05:45 AM12:35 PM05:18 PM07:11 PM08:54 PM
Jun 3004:17 AM05:46 AM12:36 PM05:18 PM07:11 PM08:54 PM
Note: These are the beginning timings

Islamic Prayer Times

Islamic prayer times in Karachi for 2nd Jun 2023 are calculated according to the Islamic date, Dhul-Qadah 13, 1444 AH. These timings for today are Fajr at 4:15 AM, Zuhr at 12:30 PM, Asr at 5:12 PM, Maghrib at 7:17 PM, and Isha at 8:45 PM. Moreover, all five prayers are offered one by one at different times of the day. The duration between these timings may vary from day to day, depending on the beginning times of prayers.

Karachi, also known as the “City of Lights,” is the largest city in Pakistan, located along the southern coast. It is the capital city of the Sindh province and serves as Pakistan’s economic hub. It holds significant importance as it serves as a major hub for trade and commerce, with the majority of the country’s trade passing through the Karachi port.

Facts About Karachi
Population20 million
Qibla262° W
Elevation18 m
Lat/Long24°52’N / 67°02’E
CurrencyPakistani Rupees

Today’s Prayer Time Karachi

  • Fajr time Karachi: 4:15 AM
  • Dhuhr time Karachi: 12:30 PM
  • Asr time Karachi: 5:12 PM
  • Maghrib time Karachi: 7:17 PM
  • Isha time Karachi: 8:45 PM

Furthermore, the Karachi namaz time schedule for the Hanafi and Shia sects may differ by a matter of a few minutes as they both are from different schools of thought and follow distinct calculation methods. To get accurate salat times of all prayers, visit our monthly namaz time calendar.

Calculation Method

In Islam, the namaz timings depend on various factors such as the location of the city, its latitude, and longitude. But generally, these timings are calculated based on the position of the sun, which ultimately results in variations in the schedules of prayers in Pakistan.

This calculation method is being used by the group of Muslims known as Ahl-e-sunat, on the other hand, Shia follows a different method to calculate salah timings. Furthermore, namaz times in Karachi are consistently updated on this page for the convenience of believers.

Nawafil & Zawal Times

  • Tahajjud time: 9:43 PM to 4:11 AM
  • Ishraq time: 5:58 AM to 9:06 AM
  • Chasht time: 9:06 AM to 11:49 PM
  • Zawal time: 11:45 AM to 12:29 PM

Azan Time Karachi

Azan is a call to prayer for believers for the purpose of joining in congregational prayer in the mosque. It is delivered by the muezzin, fifteen minutes prior to the commencement of Jamaat. Moreover, the Azan times in Karachi are provided within the relevant section devoted to each respective prayer and these timings may vary with respect to the namaz times.


Fajr is the initial mandatory prayer in Islam, offered before sunrise. Today’s Fajr time in Karachi is 4:15 AM. Moreover, there is a fifteen-minute difference between Fajr Azan and prayer time. A monthly namaz timetable for Fajr prayer is provided here.


Zuhr is the second obligatory prayer in Islam, offered at its designated time. Today’s Zuhr namaz time in Karachi is 12:30 PM, which might be different from yesterday’s timings. Moreover, there exists a fifteen-minute interval between Azan and the jamaat time of the Zuhr prayer.


Asr is one of the five mandatory prayers in Islam, offered in the afternoon. Today’s Asr prayer time in Karachi is 5:12 PM. Moreover, there is a fifteen-minute difference between Asr Azan and prayer time. Along with this, Asr timings in Karachi for the entire month are given in the prayer timetable.


Maghrib is the fourth mandatory prayer for Muslims, offered just after sunset. Today in Karachi, the time for Maghrib prayer is 7:17 PM. Moreover, there is a slight difference between Maghrib Azan and prayer timings.


Isha prayer time begins when the red twilight disappears from the sky and lasts till midnight. Today’s Isha time in Karachi is 8:45 PM, with a slight variance of approximately 15 minutes from Azan time.

Jummah Time

Jumma prayer holds a mandatory status in Islam. It has to be performed every Friday instead of the Dhuhr prayer at the nominated time. Jumma time in Karachi for this week is 12:30 PM.


When the sun rises, the time for the Fajr prayer ends.

All Muslims performed 5 prayers in a day.

These are Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha.